PEM H2 generator 99.95% pure

PEM H2 generator 99.95% pure

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PEM hydrogen generators generate Pure 99.99%  hydrogen and oxygen through the electrolysis of pure distilled water without the use of caustic electrolyte.


5 volt power supply needed for this cell.

Model: PEM600

Technology: SPE/PEM

Electrode Material: Iridium Titanium Metal



Distilled water only
40 amp max
20 amp continuous

End cap material:                      316L Stainless steel
Max H2 output:                         1000 ml per minute
H2 output pressure:                  Atmospheric
Max pressure:                            50 PSI
H2 Output purity:                     >99%
Cell Outside diameter:              136mm
Inside membrane diameter:     100mm
Cell Current Density:               .53A/cm2
Input Current:                           0-40A
Input voltage:                            DC3-5v
Single Membrane Voltage:       <2V
Membrane Brand:                     DuPont
Cell Operating Temperature:  0-55 centigrade


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